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Work with the team which is thinking all the time in building product markets in Latin America and Caribbean. Consider the challenges you face in covering your requirements for market research and consultancy on an international scale:

  • the great distances hindering effective briefing and control

  • the potential lack of objectivity if you rely solely on internal sources

  • the difficulty in obtaining research data of consistent quality and international bench-marking

  • the time taken to set up and conduct such projects

Consider the advantages of working with Latin Co. :

  • accumulated experience of studying building product markets

  • the objectivity which comes from consultants

  • an international team of consultants with hard experience in the main regions of
    Latin America and Caribbean

  • a single point of contact for the whole of Latin America



Market Intelligence Studies

The overall aim of this annual programme is to provide clients with detailed and usable information, interpretation and forecasts for the South/Central America and Caribbean market, which will facilitate strategic marketing plan, budget preparation and corporate planning.

Latin Co. multi-client services are divided, geographically, into six main projects:

  • U.S.A

  • South America

  • Central America

  • Caribbean

  •     Europe
  •     China

    Each programme consists of country reports, and an general overview Executive Summary presenting the key data for the countries in an internationally comparable form and the profiles of the main local and multinational suppliers. Finally, the various countries are aggregated into a comparative country summing-up.

    Product coverage includes:

Sanitary ware Wall and floor tiles
Faucets Locks
Kitchen sinks Dry Wall
Bath tubs Roof tiles
Bathbooths (Bath box) Porcelain tiles
Bathroom acessories Kitchen & Bath products


For each country, there is an special report covering:

  • Detailed market analysis for each product category which include:

    • market size, historical trends and two year forecasts

    • product tipology

    • price and market values

    • supply structures, market shares and competitive dynamics

  • Demographic, macro-economic, construction, water, sewage disposal and other background data

  • Analysis of distribution channels, included DIY

  • Structures of the distributive trades

  • Export and Import

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Economic Financial Feasibility Studies

Our team has specific experiences in this field, promoting accurate feasibility analysis in the environment of each country, including international resources search.

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Consultancy and Market Studies

It is a constant challenge for senior management to achieve a balance between unfocussed diversification on the one hand and dependence on too narrow a range of competitive markets on the other. This applies to:

  • the company's product/market portfolio

  • the geographical spread of commitment and effort.

Strategy must be reviewed as circumstances change. Latin Co. is well placed to help you evaluate your company's strategic options based upon sound market intelligence.

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Market Entry and Export Development Studies

Latin Co. can also help you internationally on a more tactical level, through focussed studies on specific product markets, including:

  • product market characteristics, segmentations, developments and forecasts

  • price positioning and perception

  • value chain analysis

  • routes to market

  • competitive structures and dynamics

  • end market structures, segmentations, characteristics and opportunities

    Market Intelligence Studies

    The overall aim of this programme is to provide clients with detailed confidential and usable information, interpretation and forecasts for one specific market, which will facilitate strategic marketing plan, budget preparation corporate planning or feasibility studies.


      Local Productives Arrangements Studies

    Specially for government that want study specific areas in the country, and evaluate market, logistical, access, raw materials or others factors, to develop the industrialization of the region.

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